About the club.

CMIT is a student-run community. Feel free to contact us regarding anything relevant, whether it is about information regarding the club, suggestions on new events, or general comments. If you want to propose problems for the Weekly Problems Contest, volunteer as a peer math discussion mentor, or want to be a speaker for the Talk Series, mail us at mathsclub [at] iisertvm [dot] ac [dot] in.

The ‘Club of Mathematics, IISER Thiruvananthapuram’ is recognized officially by the Mathematics Department at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, and is faculty-supervised. You can contact the faculty coordinators or any of the position bearers for any information, or email your queries directly to mathsclub [at] iisertvm [dot] ac [dot] in. We are very active on social media and such platforms are great places to connect with us. Join us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook at @cmitiisertvm.

Find the current position bearers of the club below, and the former coordinators here.


Aryan Bhatia / President

Just imagine the total number of atoms in the universe are smaller than what lies between 0 and 1. I am here to look for what's beyond.

Anuthi Tiwary / Secretary

Half of the (written) Mathematics is gibberish, but it exists to help understand the other half. I'm here for the first half

Anitha Valliappan/ Event Incharge

I am a Math enthusiast and passionate about music. Also a quizzer. Always up for a discussion on anything under the Sun. I would encourage more women in STEM.


Prajval K/ Website Incharge

I like Math. I like programming. I like it even better together.

Bade Aparna

I love experiencing art (specifically math and literature) while the universe baffles me, blows against my face. Otherwise one can find me at the beach meowing at the cattos with a book in my hand

Adithya Panickar

Driven by curiosity to explore infinities. Deeply interested in spreading the joy of math


Paul Dirac and Pierre de Fermat enthusiast

Aleena A J

I like math and music. I love learning new things, especially when they come with a side of unexpected hilarity!

Akshara K

I love maths and nature.I want to reveal the hidden beauty of nature through mathematics.

Tanisha Talekar

A PURE mathhead, you will probably find me reading in a corner or crying in a corner or both

Abhay R G

Exploring mathematics through camera lens as a photographer.

Christopher Rao

fluent in yapanese

Krishna Trivedi

"Quants are the rockstar of financial world, using maths to beat the market!!"

Mukesh Mithun A D

My life's sequence limsup is mathematics, liminf is gaming and a limit point is photography lying between them. So you can see my subsequence converging somewhere among them.

Aanandee Das

Maths is fun.

Aneeth Kumar

Fusing a deep passion for Math with the artistry of photography and the creation of standout graphic designs.

Arvind Lomrore

Don't know how I entered the club. I thrive on sports and logic—they're my passions and keep me going. Glad to be here!

Arya Raj

I am an aspiring physicist, with a passion for cinema and classic rock. I aim to boldly go where no one has gone before. **cue star trek theme

Chaitanya Purwar

i want her to eigen on my value till i linear transformation

Ashin Vinod

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Ganu Maitreya Sameer

Maths enthusiast with good analytical thinking and skills

Manit Kishor

Mathematics is my girlfriend. Hard to deal and understand but she is a cutie when you truly get to know her ways and feelings, Me ? I am a student at IISER TVM. In love with maths. Thanks for reading this. Have a good day.

Naman Agarwal

Exploring the mysteries of the universe through mathematical and physical principles.

Arshia Kulshrestha

dropped math but at least I'm still in the club ?