About the club.

CMIT is a student-run community. Feel free to contact us regarding anything relevant, whether it is about information regarding the club, suggestions on new events, or general comments. If you want to propose problems for the Weekly Problems Contest, volunteer as a peer math discussion mentor, or want to be a speaker for the Talk Series, mail us at mathsclub [at] iisertvm [dot] ac [dot] in.

The ‘Club of Mathematics, IISER Thiruvananthapuram’ is recognized officially by the Mathematics Department at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, and is faculty-supervised. You can contact the faculty coordinators or any of the position bearers for any information, or email your queries directly to mathsclub [at] iisertvm [dot] ac [dot] in. We are very active on social media and such platforms are great places to connect with us. Join us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook at @cmitiisertvm.

Find the current position bearers of the club below, and the former coordinators here.


Aadhya Krishnakumar / President

"I have always been fond of math and I'm now in the quest to discover my field of specialisation."

Aakash Gupta / Secretary

"An integrated PhD Student in Mathematics, I am interested in topology, dynamics and representation theory. Apart from mathematics I am also interested in the sanskrit language, linguistics and history. One of my hobby is teaching and discussing mathematics and exploring mathematical concepts in ancient texts."

Diya Elizabeth / Content Head

"Batch '19, math major. Mathematics, I think, is as beautiful as any art or poetry. I've yet to decide my field of interest."

Shyam M / Design Head

"I like finding connections between different fields and now I am trying my best to connect math and art. You'll read about my field of interest in future textbooks."

Aryan Bhatia / Website Head

Just imagine the total number of atoms in the universe are smaller than what lies between 0 and 1. I am here to look for what's beyond.

Bharath Krishna S/ Events Head

"My main interests in Mathematics are Number theory and Combinatorics. I like to see Math in everything that I see and explore information about various concepts. I am an avid quizzer, a skill which also contributes to the improvement of my curiousity. I like to know about the\ development of the subject and it's history. I am further interested in presenting those information, sharing it with people through discussions. I also write articles related to concepts in Math. I like to discuss general issues about Mathematics and Science, most of which I get to know by following the news."

Anuthi Tiwary / Content Incharge

Half of the (written) Mathematics is gibberish, but it exists to help understand the other half. I'm here for the first half

Satya Surya Pranit Sai Garikipati / Content Incharge

I love Mathematics, People and Football. You can usually find me having fun with either/all three.

Yogesh Kumar KC / Design Incharge

I'm currently forgetting to send a photo to the team for this, but trust me it's worth the wait. Currently in a superposition of Mathematics and Sleep.

Sarthak Thorat/ Website Incharge

Being a Mathematical Physics Enthusiast, it seems very natural to be here. The greatest feeling in the World is to understand things, and that is why I live. Always open to conversations on any and everything.

Ashish Kujur/ Event Incharge

Hello, Ashish here! I am currently a final year MSc Mathematics student at IISER Thiruvananthapuram. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Mathematics. Mathematics has too much to offer to learn in a single lifetime. I am still looking for the little island of Mathematics to settle on. To enrich my soul, I play the guitar and like exploring the world of free and open source software of which I am zealous supporter and promoter.

Rishica Harish Arora/ Event Incharge

I'm a 4th Year Mathematics Major interested in Image Processing and Modelling in general. I'm fascinated by the intersection of mathematics with other subjects like Physics, Biology and other Natural Sciences

Anitha Valliappan/ Event Incharge

Currently procastinating sending the photo and bio.

Prasmit Pralhad Ingole/ Video Editor

I will hardly check any messages so I probably missed the one to send a photo and a bio.